Age related characteristics of anxiety and depression in outpatients and the general population, explorations of personality

Although large differences exist between younger and older patients who are diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression, all of them are diagnosed and treated according to the same clinical guidelines. Knowledge about age-related differences between these patients will help clinicians when treating patients. In this study we have investigated age related characteristics of anxiety and depression, with a special focus on personality characteristics.
Data has been collected through ROM and in general population surveys. Predictors of outcome in anxiety disorders will be identidfied in the clinical sample using Cox regression analysis. Early onset anxiety will be defined by applying cluster analysis on data regarding anxiety incidence in the general population. Correlates of age of onset of anxiety will be identified through logistic regression in outpatients with anxiety disorders and in members of the general population meeting criteria for anxiety disorders over the past twelve months. Network analysis and factor analysis are used to define network communality structure of personality in a large sample of outpatients diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression, as well as in a large general population sample. The thus identified structures of personality are compared across age groups.

Anke Schat